Ethiopia says Somaliland was key in thwarting Addis Ababa attacks

Addis Ababa(SD)-The Ethiopian government has said that the government of Somaliland has helped arrest Al-Shabaab members who were planning to carry out terrorist attacks in Addis Ababa.

Ethiopian intelligence says this week, they have arrested a number of members of al-Shabaab and ISIS, whom they accused of plotting attacks in Addis Ababa. The arrests and the disrupting of their operation, the Addis Ababa government, said Ethiopia were assisted by United States, France, Spain, Somaliland and Djibouti.

The Somaliland government recently provided support to Ethiopia in arresting of two members from Somalia, who were on their way to Ethiopia in order to assist other members who were already in Ethiopia planning the attacks. The names of the two members held in Hargeisa by the Somaliland government are said to be Yishak Ali Adan and Adan Muhammed Mohamed, known as Adan Boray, and were caught in an intelligence operation in Hargeisa, which Ethiopia said was key to thwart the attacks.

The Ethiopian government said in a statement that one of the  arrested individual in Hargeisa, Yishak Ali Aden obtained an Ethiopian ID card with the name Ibrahim Ali Aden, the card was issued in Bohwareda region. Adan Muhammed Mohamed was also caught with two Ethiopian bank accounts worth $ 2.5 million in Ethiopian money, equivalent to approximately $ 85,000.

Another group, led by Mohamed Abdullahi Dulet, had crossed into Ethiopia from Djibouti, but was captured in the Bole neighborhood of Addis Ababa. Also, a man by the name of Fa’id Abshir Yesuf, who went through Hargeisa to Ethiopia, was also arrested in the Bole neighborhood of Addis Ababa.

Ethiopia thanked the countries that helped including Somaliland for its assistance in seizing these members and preventing these attacks.

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