Jubbaland President sends letter to Farmajo

Kismayo(SD)-The president of Jubaland State of Somalia Ahmed Madobe sent a letter to the president of the Federal Government of Somalia Mohamed Farmajo.

The statement said it was impossible to continue the conflict and disagreement between the central and state governments.

“I suggest that while adhering to the constitution and the laws of the country that define the powers of the two levels of government, we should end the long-standing conflict with no result,” Ahmed Madobe said.

The statement comes as the Federal Government’s Cabinet endorsed the Ministry of Interior’s decision of 22 August stating that they do not recognize the results of the contested presidential elections in Kismayo.

The Somali Government also enacted a virtual ban on direct flights to Kismayo, rerouting them to Mogadishu first.

This comes after further political escalations between Kenyan government and their AMISOM troops in Kismayo with the federal Government of Somalia.  

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