Faisal Ali Warabe calls for Pardoning Colonel Arre

Hargeisa(SD)-The leader of the opposition Part UCID, Eng. Faisal Ali Warabe described the Arre rebel group as a pain in the rear end to Somaliland and that it needs to be resolved quickly.

Faisal Ali Wareebe criticized the statements from the National Army Chief of Staff Noah Ismail Tani. 

“We have two burning issues today, one is of Arre, who came back and said here is me and my weaponry and it’s still unsolved today, Some say it is a sin, but forgiveness is a must and Allah says one should forgive, what harm will it do to you, we’ve done it already and how many sins have we forgiven?, We say that the government should act on the suggestions we have brought forward.” Said Ali Warabe.

Faisal continued, saying “What the commander of our forces said was not responsible, to say just go away to the army forces in Sanag, and to accuse them of just taking Tax payers money,  those are tax collected from the people of Somaliland, such things are not what the leaders say and we apologies on his behalf. said Faisal Ali Warabe.

Faisal was speaking at UCID Party convention in Burao, where the party was setting agendas for their upcoming Congress.

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