Kenya responds fiercely to Djibouti accusations

Nairobi(SD)-The government of Kenya has for the first time responded to recent accusations by the Djiboutian government, based on the two countries’ on going fight for membership of the United Nations Security Council.

Djibouti last week described Kenya as an unreliable state for security in the region, citing the maritime border dispute with Somalia.

Aadan Barre Duale, leader of the majority in Kenya’s parliament and one of the highest ranking officials in the ruling party in Kenya, reacted fiercely to Djibouti’s statement.

“The statement from the Djiboutian foreign minister, my brother Mohamud, who said Kenya cannot be trusted in regional security, is unfortunate, wrong, because Kenya ever since our independence we been working on peace and tranquility, ”Aden Bare Duale told the BBC Somali Service in an interview.

He added that about 40,000 Kenyan troops have been deployed to participate in international peacekeeping.

“We have participated in the reconciliation of South Sudan, Somalia, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Liberia to DRC. We are partners with the US in the fight against terrorist and piracy.” Duale said.

Aden Duale on the other hand said that Kenya won a majority vote in the African Union’s regional body within the AU on who would represent the continent in United Nations.

“Kenya is the only country to find peace and host refugees, and is the only refuge. So if you compare Djibouti and Kenya, who can be trusted for regional security? “.concluded Aden Duale.

Djibouti is still determined to continue the competition with Kenya at the Security Council, and will try to win the UN seat.

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