Braking News: Hadhwanaag News Journalists Released with ludicrous conditions

Hargeisa(SD)-Three journalists from Hadhwanaag News Website who were detained illegally by the Somaliland’s Central Bank Governor Ali Ibrahim Jama Baghdadi’s orders have been released today.

The three journalists, editor-in-chief Abdiqani Abdullahi Ahmed Asbaro, was arrested on September 10, the following day Somaliland authorities arrested director Abdirizaq Good Nur and journalist Abdirahman Sheikh Hassan Mohamed was picked up by the Police on September 20, 2018.  

All arrests ordered by the Somaliland central Bank governor, after Hadhwanaag News published an opinion piece detailing the Governor’s corruption scandal written by Abdi Shootali.

The three Hadhwanaag journalists were denied access to their wives, children and relatives during their incarceration. reports indicate that the journalists were tortured in prison and were not allowed access to their doctors.

According to reports, the Somaliland security forces would waterboard them and were kept in a small cells, all under the orders of the Governor.

However, the three journalists were released today after they were compelled to tape a video apologizing to Governor Ali Ibrahim Jama Baghdadi for the publication of Abdi Shootali’s article. The Governor also demanded that Hadhwanaag News reporters no longer publish articles on corruption allegations against him or any other information about him.

The three journalists were forced, while still in jail, to agree to the governor’s demands but are now free on bail.

However, the Hadhwanaag News Site is still blocked, and it is not known what other demands Governor Baghdadi has in store for unblocking the site.

Hadhwanaag News owner Ahmed J. Farah did not publicly comment on the latest developments in fear of reprisals.

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