Kenya responds to Somali government’s accusation on exporting coal

Nairobi(SD)-The Kenyan government has responded to allegations that Kenyan troops in the Middle Juba region are aware of charcoal exports there.

Somalia’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Abukar Dahir Osman, said Kenyan troops are part of the charcoal exports from Somalia.

“We are deeply concerned that Kenya a United Nations sanctions committee as we know it, and have evidence has been a major exporter of charcoal from Somalia in recent years. given that is a major money maker for Al Shabab” said the Somali Ambassador to the UN  Abukar Osman.

Kenya Defense Forces spokesman Paul Njuguna said AMISOM’s mission, including the Kenyan troops, is to take part in missions supporting peace and stability in Somalia.

United Nations report released earlier mentioned coal ports in the region are located in Kismayo and Buur Gaabo, and these cities have troops serving under the African Union Mission in Somalia AMISOM.

The Somali Government’s latest accusation is an escalation of a diplomatic raw between the neighboring countries.


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