Kenyan lawmakers could face trial for visiting Mogadishu

Nairobi (SD) – Kenyan parliament speaker Justin Muturi said lawmakers who went to Mogadishu did not go through the legal process.

“I was told yesterday, but they have not asked for permission, and have not even informed me,” Muturi told the Daily Nation on Monday.

Kenya’s parliamentary law requires that members traveling to another country, whether official or personal, must send a written notice to the spokesperson.

The MP’s trip was also not reported to the Kenyan foreign ministry, and the Kenyan embassy in Mogadishu, according to the newspaper’s report.

11 Somali MP’s from North eastern Kenya visited Mogadishu last week to discuss border security with Somalia’s president.

These MP’s could be disciplined for their travel to Somalia, due to Kenya’s current dispute with Somalia.

Somali Federal Government accused Kenya of interfering with its internal affairs recently, Kenya dismissed the accusation and in return accused Somalia of politicising their differences.

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