Khatumo convene in Mogadishu amid Somaliland disappointment

Mogadishu(SD)-Politicians from the Sool and Ayn regions and members of the federal government of Somalia, in Mogadishu, are planning to elect members of the Dhulbahante community to represent the next parliament in Mogadishu.

The delegates held a conference in Mogadishu called the initiative to build a regional administration, which is now under the control of Puntland and Somaliland.

Ali Khalif Galaydh is one of the politicians in this meeting, and he and other men who have failed to reach agreement with Somaliland appear to be setting up another program in Mogadishu.

The Puntland government is currently in control of the process of becoming the regional representative in the Somali parliament.

The Sool and Ayn Parliamentarians were elected in Garowe, after it was agreed that each regional government should bring its members to the Federal Parliament.

Ali Khalif the former head of Khatumo state who was disappointed with the lack of progress on their peace deal with Somaliland said he was going to Mogadishu for personal reasons.

It turns out, as suspected, he is trying to revive the Khatumo political movement, now  that the Federal Government is in all out war with Somaliland.

The move comes after former Somaliland cabinet members attended the disputed inauguration of Ahmed Madobe in Kismayo.

Both the federal Government and Somaliland authorities are yet to comment the Khatumo meeting in Mogadishu.

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