An explosion has hit the north of Galkayo this morning

Galkayo(SD)-The explosion was detonated, targeting a car owned by the commander of the Central Police Station in the north of Galkayo in northern Puntland.

Reports indicate that the bomb on the car was discovered before it entered the residence, and the security agencies were alerted, who then managed to get people away from where the car was detonated.

It is reported that there were no damages as the controlled explosion occurred in  north of Galkayo this morning.

Police in northern Galkayo have launched an investigation to find out who was behind the act, The blast survivor said the car was located in the courtyard of his home when the bomb was attached.

Inter clan revenge blamed as Al Shabab killings are rampant in Puntland.

It’s not yet known who could be the attempted culprit here, city of Galkayo is has two rival administration on each side of town, complicating security matters.


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