Las Anod district councilors oppose water project for the city

Lasanod (SD) – The majority of Lasanod district councilors opposed an implementation of a water project which was given to a local company.

The lawmakers have called on Somaliland to review the city’s water project, which they consider to be the backbone of the community.

“The Riyale government promised a water project, Silanyo made an election promise to install water, while Muse Bihi made a similar promise, it is now reported that the Goga’ade well, which isn’t fit for animals, is being used as a source and is not acceptable. “ says Mohamed Aflahar.

Lawmakers have strongly criticized Nugal Company, which recently set up a water purifier in eastern Lasanod.

Abdirashid Mohamed Awil, the water commissioner of Lasanod supports the local council, and added that the Nugal Company is not interested in the wellbeing of the city residents, and said he wasn’t aware where the funding the project is coming from.

However, after millions of dollars have been spent for years, it seems near impossible to find sustainable water for the city, including an attempt by OXFARM, which pumped water from the infamous Goga’ade well.

The critics of the latest project didn’t present an alternative water source for the city, and its not clear what the result of the ordered review would be.


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