Somaliland’s Minister of Communications and Technology: Networks must talk to each other and they do not have a choice

The government of President Muse Bihi Abdi, said that they will review the former government decision of having Somcable monopolies in provide the fiber optic cable to the country.

Somaliland’s Minister of Communications and Technology Abdiwali Sheikh Sufi said in a Horyal TV interview that his ministry is reviewing the agreement that Silanyo government allowed Somcable to bring Internet access to the country.

The minister in the TV interview foreshadowed a contentious plan for the telephone system in the country.

The Cable come to us through a ministry agreement with one of the companies that they have agreed to provide the service to the ministry for 25 years, so the ministry has the legitimacy, as you look at the ministry’s communications law, the Ministry has given them the contract, As a ministry, we are going to review it, but the contract between the ministry and Cable exists” said the minister.

“It was tried twice, both times failed, the telecommunications law of Code 50 of 2011 stipulates that networks must talk to each other.” The minister mused.

The law, however, states general principles, by doing this we have developed a networking telecommunications companies’ regulator, we have been working with companies on technical connectivity and they do not have a choice, We are looking forward to its implementation next year. ” Abdiwali Sh. Sufi said.

This issue has been contested by the biggest telecommunications Company Telesom, who is constantly targeted by other upstarts, often using like minded politicians.

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