Lasanod Intelligence Commander Assassinated

Lasanod (SD) – The head of the Somaliland intelligence in Las Anod was killed last night, local media confirming the death.

Commander Abdikani Guhad was shot and killed in front of his house in Lasanod by gunmen in Las Anod, the provincial capital of Sool.

The men who shot the commander escaped from the scene; Somaliland police immediately began a search operation for the men who carried out the shooting.

The Murdered commander of the Sool regional Intelligence services is said to be in charged of investigating the bombing that killed a Sool regional judge, Hassan Sheikh, two weeks ago.

So far, there have been no reports from the security agencies of the assassination of the Sool regional intelligence chief in Somaliland.

The killing of the Commander of the Provincial Intelligence services tonight will be the second homicide in two weeks.

Somaliland regions have survived the string of assassinations, most of which take place in southern Somalia.

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