MP Jirde: Farmajo is not to blame for Barre’s atrocities

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland Parliamentarian Abdulkadir Jirde, speaking at a session today, said that Somali President Farmajo can’t be blamed for the previous massacres in Somaliland.

The Somaliland lawmaker accused the local media of exaggerating the current Somali president’s role in the massacre and have spent a lot time covering the issue.

“It seems that our media and our people have gone too far. Farmajo is not responsible for the crimes committed here. He has nothing to do with it, now that he is the successor, his role is to be welcoming and healing. said MP Jirde.

The lawmaker also said it was unacceptable that Farmajo was tribally linked to Siyad Barre.

“It is a mistake and wrong, to say to president Farmajo, Mohamed Siyad  Barre was your brother, a man called Mohamed Sheikh built the hospital here, and he was Siyad Barre’s brother, so this is a clear violation and it should stop,” he added.

Finally, MP Abdulkadir Jirde called on Somaliland authorities and the public to hold president Farmajo responsible for the current Somali governments doing and not what his Uncle did in the past.” Said the MP.

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