Somaliland Attorney General: we will amend the Associations Law

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland’s Attorney General Abdisamad Omar Maal said that the president has the right to seek amendments from the parliament on laws that govern national parties, with the intent to reopen the political associations so that three new parties can emerge.

“The law that governs Political Associations, Rule 14 describes the way in which associations and parties are governed, It is not the first time that there has been an amendment to this law, there are three ways that these laws can be changed, the Parliament can change the law, the president can request an amendment, so can the public through petitions.” Said Attorney Maal.

He also responded to calls from the opposition parties that the presidential election should also be held ahead of schedule, “The presidential terms is constitutional and the political associations and their license is a parliamentary law, that is renewed every ten years, the presidential term can only be changed through referendum.”

The Attorney General said the public can expect an speed amendment proposal to parliament.

Opposition parties have expressed concern over the president’s proposed amendment to the political party law, which will reopen the associations so that three new parties can emerge as national parties.

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