Mustafe Martin and the reasons for his political change, and the official that worked on it

Hargeisa(SD)-Mustafe Mohamed Martin, the first opposition leader to call for an opposition government against the government of Somaliland led by President Muse Bihi has been missing in action lately.

Mr. Martin who previously claimed prominent Somalilanders have elected him to be the president of the Somaliland United government.

He was an staunch supporter of Wadani party, up until the party excepted defeat on the last presidential election, he was against conceding and wanted to fight the result of the election.

 Martin then set out on a mission to undermined Somaliland’s independence, went to both Mogadishu and Garowe for political support.

Martin also went around Europe and North America in search of support for his federalist agenda.

It wasn’t until Mustafe Mohamed Martin was contacted by a  Somaliland’s cabinet member he began to change his tune.

Mr. Martin, who by then was resigned to the fact that his efforts were out of step with most Somalilanders, and couldn’t sell his half baked greater Somalia mission to Somalia. he was eager to talk to this cabinet member, whom he worked with before.

Though this Somaliland Cabinet minister was not able to secure a high level ceremony meeting with president Muse Bihi, he was successful in getting Martin to quietly go into the night.

The cabinet member was able to convince Martin, that their Wadani party’s efforts were not all wasted, and that he is on the inside, and will be able to represent their interest.

If you are an avid reader of this site, you properly guessed it that cabinet member is Somaliland Central Bank Governor  Ali Ibrahim Jama Baghdadi.

Our sources tell us, that it was very easy for Baghdadi to win over Mr. Martin, due to their friendship as Wadani members and through their tribal ambitions.

Mr. Martin is yet to explain clearly his new political position to those who supported his previous anti Somaliland ambitions.

According to our sources who spoke with Mr. Martin, said he was upset over the scrutiny Ali Baghdadi was getting over his alleged corruption, and people not paying attention to the “Jegan” corruption, referring to the core tribal supporters of Kulmiye.

This was not Ali Baghdadi’s only mission in under mining Somaliland’ opposition efforts, he also was the central figure of the Sanag peace efforts to deal with Col. Arre’s rebel group.

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