Officials from both opposition parties visit a family who’s land is confiscated by President Bihi’s family

Hargeisa(SD)-Officials from both UCID and Wadani Opposition parties visited families claiming that their land is taken from them by members of President Bihi’s family, and added that some of their families been detained.

The officials called on the president of Somaliland to allow these families to be left alone, these families who owned large homes that were legally built have now been ordered to move out.

Wadani Spokesman Jama Batun  and his UCID counterpart Keyse Abdilahi has seen these families who are being forced to move from their place of residence.

These poor families are in a land dispute with the family of President Bihi, who claims to own the land, while resident families claim they have lived there for 30 years, during which time no one came forward to say they own the land.

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