Somaliland calls for the international community not to pardon debt in Somalia, warns against giving weapons

Hargeisa(SD)-Somaliland’s Information Minister Mohamed Muse Dirie has called on the international community and the African Union not to give arms to the Somali government led by President Farmajo, whom he said was instigating war in  the entire Horn of Africa region.

The minister also appealed to the international community not to waive the federal government’s debt so that it would not have the resources to crush regional administrations and disrupt the Horn of Africa’s politics.

The minister discussed the Somalia government’s demand for debt relieve.

“The international community’s limited resources to Somalia , is used to undermine the regional administrations, if the Somalia gets more funds, it will try to wreak havoc throughout the region”. said Minister Mohamed Muse Dirie.

Somalia for the last few years have been trying to get it’s debt forgiven, and is been succeeding in those efforts lately.

Somaliland’s fear is, once Somalia gets debt relieve it will in a position to get resources to undermine all of it’s political foes, including Somaliland.


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