Mother pays 100k Shillings in bribe to visit son in Mogadishu jail

MOGADISHU (SD) – 78-year old mother, Luley Osman Hassan has been bribing Mogadishu prison guards for more than 3 years only to visit her son who was arrested in 2017.

According to a video serviced on social media, the son of Luley, identified as Hassan Ali Ibrahim, ex-SNA was arrested just a month after president Farmajo took office.

He was accused of stealing and selling his gun but was never brought before court, according to his mother.

“My son was said to have sold a government gun after he failed to get his eight month salary. He was arrested in March 2017 but has been kept on remand since then,” a mother of 14 said.

Luley told the media that she had been paying Somali shilling 100,000 (roughly $4) a week to visit her son in Mogadishu central jail.

“To pay the amount, I have to struggle for six days, so that I see my son at the end of the week. All my other 13 children died, he is the only one alive,” she said in agony.

The old mother who is porter at Bakaro Market has sent distress call for help.

Meanwhile Somali minister for Justice, Abdikadir Mohamed Hassan who visited Luley at her home pledged that his ministry will investigate the matter saying he is committed to help the mother.

“I will dig deep this issue and know the circumstances surrounding the case of her son, if the case is only stolen gun, we will help him,” he said.

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