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Kenya in denial of Al Shabab control of Mandera roads

Nairobi (SD) – Kenya’s interior ministry has rejected a statement by the governor of Mandera that al-Shabaab controls more than 50% of the area’s roads.

The interior ministry dismissed Ali Roba’s statement “Despite the challenges due to al-Shabaab’s border crossings, Mandera is not at all the enemy’s hands, unlike Ali Roba’s statement,” the ministry said in a statement.

Kenya also said the government has worked to strengthen and improve security in the region.

Mandera County Commissioner Ali Ibrahim Roba has lodged a security complaint with the Kenyan government over al-Shabaab attacks in Somali region in Kenya and fears of roadblocks.

Roba says al-Shabaab controls 50% of northeastern Kenya, and demanded a plan of action against Shabab from the government.

Ali Roba noted that al-Shabaab has increased its activities in the Mandera Region, raising concerns that most of the administration of the region is under their control.

“The fact of the matter is that as the governor of Mandera County, and not a civilian and I have been mandated to run the affairs of this local government. I confirm that more than 50% of the roads in this area are controlled by al-Shabaab.” Ali Ibrahim Roba said.

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