ONLF appoints new chairman

Godey(SD)-Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) has elected a new Speaker for the last few days in Godey town.

Dr. Abdirahman Sheikh Mahdi Maadey was elected as the new chairman of the ONLF, receiving 340 votes out of nearly 600 delegates, while his rival Ahmed Yasin received 251 votes.

Maadey was one of the founders of the ONLF and was on the executive committee.

The ONLF has long been fighting to liberate the Somali territories, but it has agreed with the government led by Abiy Ahmed, after they were removed from the list of terrorists following the changes in Ethiopia.

The ONLF is now a political party and plans to participate in the upcoming local elections in the Somali region next year.

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