Power sharing, comparing President Farmajo and President Bihi

Hargeysa(SD)-The leaders of Somaliland and Somalia differ on a numerous  of issues, including the countries they govern and their leadership style.

President Farmajo was appointed by parliament, were President Bihi, despite it’s controversy was elected by the public.

President Bihi governs a largely peaceful country, were President Farmajo rules a war ravaged country, were he relies on AMISOM troops for security.

But where president Farmajo and his PM show a pioneering leadership style in Somali politics is Power sharing.

Both of Somalia’s leadership, the President and the PM vowed not to award a ministerial appointment to the clans.  

While President Bihi appointed four of his top ministries to his clansmen, despite a country riddled with nagging tribal political injustices.

The biggest political deficit in Somaliland and the source of looming Trouble in the peaceful Somaliland is power sharing.

This is alarming given that Somaliland has numerous social problems such as employment, education, health,  lack of foreign investment, due to lack of international recognition.

That fact, on a regular is sighted as a reason that gave birth to multiple  armed rebel groups in the country.

President Bihi may not have much to emulate when it comes to Somalia, other than the contentious power sharing issues, one never hears about it in Farmajo’s presidency.


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