ONLF denies reports on Ethiopian media, as they meet with Jubaland leadership

Nairobi (SD)- The Ogaden National Liberation Front has denied a statement published in the Ethiopian newspaper Addis Ababa Standard.

The Standard has published a report that Kenya hosted an Opposition (OLNF) conference led by party leader, Abdirahman Mahdi Madey, and Jubaland President Ahmed Mohamed Madobe, raising concerns for Ethiopia.

The ONLF, which posted a brief statement on its Twitter account, denied it and advised Addis Standard to abide by media rules and obtain information from reliable sources instead of spreading rumors.

The ONLF added that it is committed to peace and stability in the Horn of Africa and will work with all stakeholders to promote stability.

The Standard said in its reporting that the Jubaland and ONLF officials would deny the report, but failed to mention the reasons. Both ONLF and Jubaland leaders are currently in Nairobi, it is not clear if they are planning to speak the challenges both face in the horn.

Ethiopia currently has a good relationship with the ONLF, not so much with Jubaland.

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