opposing Jubaland Parliament elects Abdirashid Hidig as president

Kismayo(SD)-Parliamentarians who recently announced their opposition candidates for the election in Kismayo said they had elected President Abdirashid Hidig.

The election took place at Abdinasir Serar’s House, a former Jubbaland regional spokesman and one of the candidates for Change, said no one had contested Abdirashid Hidig, ending just before the presidential election of Ahmed Mohamed Islam [Ahmed Madobe].

The move to elect President Abdirashid Hidig as a presidential candidate has not come as a surprise to the people of Jubbaland, as they have already appointed a presidential election commission.

Abdirashid Hidig, a member of the Somali National Assembly, on the other hand is one of the main opposition politicians in the administration of President Ahmed Madobe.

He later became one of the candidates running for the presidency, but later refused to register, declaring the electoral commission and the boundaries of Jubbaland accusing them of being a one-party committee.

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