Somali Cabinet Ministers appoints the heads of the armed forces, police and security forces

Mogadishu(SD)-Somali Council ministers announced security forces commanders in todays meeting.

The Council of Ministers also appointed General of the Army. Odewa Yusuf Rage, the ministers removed from office Dahir Adan Elmi Indho qarshe.

Abdi Hassan Hijaar, the former Deputy Force Commander of the National Police Force, was appointed, while Gen. Bashir Abdi was fired.

The Commander of the correctional Service was named Gen. Mahad Abdirahman who was a former South West Police Commissioner, while Inspector General of Police Bashir Gobe was removed from that post.

Fahd Yasin, former acting commander of the Somali security forces, has been fully appointed as head of the National Security and Intelligence Service.

This major reshuffling comes after recent security breaches in the country.

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