Opposition parties can’t seem to capitalize, as Kulmiye disintegrates

Hargeisa (SD) – Ever since the Somaliland president signed the election commission resolution agreement with the opposition parties, there has been growing rift among the Kulmiye faithful.

King Osman Burmadow who is the unofficial spokes person for one of the tribal factions of Kulmiye, couldn’t hide his distain for the agreement on a recent interview on a local TV Channel.

“The president’s singing of the recent illegal resolution is tantamount to high treason, and the parliament should impeach him over it” said King Burmadow.

Burmadow continued his criticism of the president and suggested to the incomplete and controversial commission led by Riyorac to resign immediately.

The King is not alone on the disappointment of Kulmiye supporters, many clearly wanted another option rather then the fractured Party.

Burmadow’s faction believes the leadership party should have been returned to them and be given their fair share of the Kulmiye Government.

President Bihi and his allies know that Burmadow function have no other party option, given their political and tribal rivalry with the other two National parties, a political viability the other Kulmiye faction has.

That is why many of the Kulmiye coalition detractors were ecstatic when the president called for the primarying the National parties.

There were at least Three famous personalities from Burmadow’s camp that wanted to stablish a political association, and that was one of the reasons the Colonel didn’t follow through with his treat.

The inability of the other two parties to see the opportunity and exploit the fracture, is a clear example of political ineptitude of the highest degree.

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