Ahlu Sunna leadership surrender’s to Somali forces

Dhusamareb (SD) -Ahlu Sunna leader Sheikh Shakir Ali Hassan held a press conference in Dhusamareb district declaring that they have handed Galmudug’s security over to the federal government.

Sheikh Mohammed Ali Hassan speech comes after government troops seized the residence of the Ahlu Sunna leadership after a heavy fighting between government forces and the forces loyal to Ahlu Sunna.

Reports from Dhusamareb indicate that Ahlu Sunna leaders and their military officials surrendered to the Somali government forces who are currently ensuring their security.

Sheikh Mohamed Shakir Ali Hassan has previously declared himself the president of the Galmudug state and opposed the federal government’s recognized administration under Ahmed Abdi Kariye Qorqor.

However, that claim is now null and void, now that the federal troops have gained control of Dhusamareb, the set of the Galmudug state.

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