Police couldn’t stop Wadani leaders entering their headquarters.

Hargeisa(SD)-The leader of the Wadani party escorted by a crowd of their supporters  arrived at the headquarters of Hargeisa, despite police blockade.

Party leaders and citizens held hands and forcefully entered their Headquarters, though the police fired in the air, they couldn’t stop the crowd from entering the Wadani headquarters.

The chairman of the Wadani party, Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi Ciroro, spoke to the press and said it was illegal to blockade his office and called on all other provinces to come together to express their feelings. 

“We have the right to come together and meet in the offices, not only today but everyday, also the other five provinces should come out,” he said.

Although lots of troops were brought to the Wadani center, however, the army seemed to avoid confrontation with the party’s supporters.

Chairman Irro said the two WDANI party general secretary and the recently-elected speaker of the party were sent to Mandera Jail, which he described as a violation, and demanded that their freedom be restored.

There is also a demonstration in Burao, where security forces try to disband the people, the governor of Togdher was seen walking around the demonstrators in the public square.

This is the most serious challenge to Muse Bihi’s rule, it’s also seen as a way to show case that the opposition have teeth.


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