Politicians raise concerns about Puntland’s consultative conference

Garowe (SD) – The Somali regional state of Puntland will is to convene in its first two day consultative meeting on the fate of Puntland in Somalia.

The conference was announced last month after Puntland declared the current federal government has deviated from the agreed-upon ways of the government, and It therefore found important to get together for consultations.

Politicians and officials in the Somali federal government are heading to Garowe where the conference is taking place, as well as diaspora delegates.

However, there are concerns surrounding the conference on how it is been run, and some politicians in Puntland say the organizing committee has invited intellectuals who believe to escalate the tensions with the federal government.

Said Farah Mohamed (Said Sanweyne), a Puntland politician and chairman of the UDAD political party, called on the Puntland president to look at the interests of the people of Puntland and seek a solution to the political crisis in Somalia.

He also called on the Puntland president to lead the country to one-person-one vote.

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