Pres. Bihi is offically invided while somalilanders go as though from Somalia

Hargeisa(SD)-The spokes person of the President of the Republic of Somaliland Mr. Mohamud Warsame Jama has proclaimed today a success, the travel of Somaliland’s President to Hajj with an official invitation.

Also, the Saudi government has sent a chartered plane to Hargeisa to fly the President Muse Bihi Abdi and his delegation to Mecca.

This could have been seen as a success, if the Saudis were not pressuring the regular Somalilanders who wanted to attend the Hajj this year, to get official visas and commercial licenses from Mogadishu. 

The livestock trade, which is the backbone of Somaliland’s economy, has recently been blocked by the Saudi government for lack of Somali trade permit, which allows traders to export from Berbera.

As per Saudi Arabia, Somaliland Hajj goers had to go through Somalia’s rules in order to attain visas, while the independent commercial aviation business of Somaliland to Hajj has been crippled by these Saudi rules.

But if we go with the Speaker of the Somaliland Presidency and say that private flights and the President’s visa are a success, or true, why didn’t President Bihi tell the media in the victory himself.

Let’s not forget, that this is not the first time a Somaliland president was sent a private plane and visa by a foreign country.

The question is, who are the people that the Saudi normally  invite to perform the pilgrimage for free?

The family members and relatives of the victims who were killed in the New Zealand Mosque attack few months ago are some of the people invited this year.

A private jet from Hargeisa to Jeddah costs less than $ 50.000 dollars, according to SU-MUC, which flew the Somaliland president’s delegation to Mecca today.

The International leaders who ware also sent the same  Hajj invitations,  regularly preferred to pay for their flights.

The Saudi government has not yet commented on the  invitation and the trip of the delegation led by the President of Somaliland. Moses Bihi abdi.

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  1. If Somaliland is part of Somalia, let Farmajo visit Laascaanood or even surrsurrounding villages. Then and only then, we could assume what we claim.

  2. The invitation to hajj and paying expenses is regular matter. For private people from all over the world the visa, tickets and stay cost to 5 star hotels and police escort is the norm.
    When it comes to rulers, politicians and VIPs some will be sent private jets, security escort card from the Royal Palace. In the case of Bihi do not forget that it’s a close relationship now and the we saw how the Sylaci was welcomed.
    So it is a good PR for Somaliland and the most important issue is to discuss the effect of this moves on Somalia rather than debating who paid or did not pay for the Jet.

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