President Bihi: leans on telecommunications companies to buy fiber optic stakes

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland President Muse Bihi is putting pressure on the country’s telecommunications companies and other businessmen to buy Somcable’s weak shares.

President Bihi is under tremendous pressure from Djibouti and Somaliland’s leading telecommunications companies for his refusal to have the internet fiber optic cables come to Berbera port, due to Somcable’s monopoly on that service.

Somcable owner Mohamed Aw Said has proposed to sell 75% of his fiber optic stakes to other telecommunication companies, they have reportedly turned the offer down.

President Bihi is trying to convince these businessmen to give him and Somcable an out, the president is also trying to have the monopoly law be revisited and removed through parliament, if a deal could be reached first.

Somcable is currently the only company that enjoys a large telecommunications monopoly since 2011 for 25 years.

Its not clear if these companies would buckle under the president’s pressure or if they would stand their ground and let Somcable loose the monopoly.

Somaliland constitution guarantees free market and doesn’t allow monopolies.

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  1. SomCable is a corrupted company just created by Mohamed Aw Said, who is Djibuti citizen.
    Fiber cable should be provided by the Ministry of Telecom of Somaliland. If not by the local private companies who invested hundreds of millions to built the telecom infrastructure of Somaliland.
    Aw Said has no rights to operate in Somaliland, but he came through the corrupted tribal channels during the Silanyo Administration. Ex-first lady, and the DiJibouit first lady has big shares in SomCable. Mr. Bihi, the current president should correct this, and kick out Aw Said’s corrupted business., Otherwise he himself will be stamped to be part of the corruption.

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