President Bihi refused to dissolve a controversial electoral commission

Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland opposition parties say President Bihi has refused to dissolve the new controversial electoral commission, which a mediating committee has recommended to dissolve and restore the former electoral committee.

The two opposition parties, who failed to agree with the president, later held a press conference at Wadani office.

“The president and the opposition were committed in fulfilling the three points of the election mediation committee’s resolutions, to disband the new commission, to restore the old commission and to agree on the closest possible election date, in accordance with the 2009 dissolved election commission, that the president demand that they resign,” said Chairman Irro.

Commenting on the president’s refusal to dissolve the new commission, he said “Today, for the third we met and we have been waiting for the implementation of the agreement, but at the end the president has told us that he cannot dissolve the new electoral commission, which means he will not comply with the recommendations of the mediation committee.”

“Both opposition parties are now calling for the commission to resign, for the sake of the people,” Mr. Irro concluded.

The two parties suggested that the mediation committee, the international community and the Somaliland people play a role in the implementation of the agreement.

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