Somaliland reporter buys sentence, while others languish in jail

Hargeisa (SD) – Journalist Abdikadir Codey of HCTV, who was sentenced to one year in jail by a Maroodi-Jeh regional court and fined three million SL Shillings had been set free.

Codey’s release came after he bought yesterday’s ruling by the Marodi-Jeh regional court, which after the settlement allowed him to regain his freedom today.

Abdikadir Codey, who spoke to the media after his release, said he was arrested while on duty, and his arrest was carried out illegally.

Reporter Codey demanded that the Government led by President Bihi deal with Somaliland journalists in accordance with the law, and not rush in arresting them.

Codey also noted that during his detention in Hargeisa, CID police officers treated him well, and he noted that there has been a significant change in the police conduct and the way they deal with detained journalists.

The release comes as some Somaliland journalist remained exiled while others languish in Jail, notably, Journalist Coldoon.

It took the current Somaliland regime to top the worst human rights offender in just two years.

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