President Bihi refuses to meet with Djibouti Interior Minister, sources say

Hargeisa (SD) – A delegation from the government of Djibouti led by Interior Minister Mu’min Ahmed Sheikh arrived in Hargeisa on Saturday.

Both Somaliland government and members of the Djiboitian delegation expressed that the trip had nothing to do with current political issues between them, and had everything to do with delivering condolences to the family of the late Somaliland MP Ahmed Abdi Kahin, who recently passed.

However, the arrival of the Djiboutian delegation coincided with political tensions between the two governments of Somaliland and Djibouti, over the Fiber Optic Cables on its way to Somalia and was to pass through Berbera.

Sources close to the Djiboutian delegation had told Somalidispatch.com that Somaliland President Muse Bihi refused to meet with the delegation.

The sources added that, the President in packing Somcable owner Mohamoud Said, was not ready to concede the Internet Cables to be at Berbera port.

Somcable current has a land cable distribution monopoly in Somaliland, and its rivals, Dahabshiil and Telesom are to benefit from the cables being at Berbera.

President Bihi , who owes the success of his presidency, in part to both Djibouti and Somcable’s financial support is said to be between a political rock and a hard place.

Its not yet known how Djibouti will react to the President’s refusal to meet with their delegation, but its clear the Somaliland opposition stand to benefit from the fallout, that is if they realize it quick enough.

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