Qandala to have a Solar powered street lights

Qandala (SD) -The ancient city of Qandala, Puntland, held a ceremony today to rollout a solar power project that will power the streets of that for the first time.

Qandala residents welcomed the move and praised the efforts of all involved, as they are sure to benefit from the street lights. 

Ministers from Puntland government and regional administration of Qandala district attended the event, also TIS/ USAID officials were present at the ceremony. 

TIS/USAID managed the project for the past two years and now handed the project over to Puntland Government, who as promised will see through the project.

The project also included building a Solar powered Hanger for a frankincense factory in the city.

Somalis are beginning to see the benefits of reusable solar power, and businesses are leading the way in investing on the trend.

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