President Bihi Signs New Telecommunications Act into Law in private

Hargeisa (SD) – The President of the Republic of Somaliland, Muse Bihi Abdi is said to have signed the amendments to the country’s telecommunications law.

There is no official confirmation that President Bihi has signed the bill, but recent reports from sources have confirmed that President Bihi signed the amendments into law.

The Somaliland Senate and the House of Representatives had earlier adopted a motion to amend the country’s Communications Act earlier this March, the amendment will abolish a monopoly awarded to Somcable by the former Silanyo government.

Somcable for the past nine years has failed to bring the Fiber optic internet cables to the country.

Other telecommunication companies, notably Telesom and Dahabshiil are to benefit the restoration of the country’s constitutional free market laws.

President Bihi tried to get the three companies together before signing the bill, it is unclear whether he has succeeded.

President Bihi signing the amendment into law privately indicates reluctance on his part, due to his close relationship with Somcable owner Mohamed Aw Said.

The Businessman being the largest contributor to the president’s campaign seems to have been allegedly bushed aside by Djibouti, forcing President Bihi to drop the Monopoly.

Telesom and Dahabshiil are expected to welcome the move, however, its not clear whether Somcable will follow suit.

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