FSG explains why their troops fired on Sheikh Sharif’s house

Mogadishu (SD) – Somali security forces have opened fire on a security guard post at the former president Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed’s residence in Mogadishu, according to Himilo Party.

Photos from the scene show bullets on the security shack wall of President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed’s house, and are said to have been fired by federal police officers.

Secretary of the Treasury Sheikh Sharif’s National Himilo Abdinasir Mohamed Sheikh Nur detailed the incident “Police military vehicle number: POl 318 opened fire on the home occupied by former President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed’s security,”

National Attorney General Suleiman Mohamed Mohamud has responded to allegations from the National Himilo party saying the gunmen were part of his security detail.

“The vehicle that was alleged to have fired on former President Mr. Sheikh Sharif’s guards, is a police car that has been guarding me. Two small cars were chatting in the middle of the road and the police pulled up on their vehicles which let to the police firing a warning shot, clearly, beyond that, no one has attacked President Sheikh Sharif’s bodyguards,” National Attorney-General Solomon said in his statement.

The security guard at Sheikh Sharif’s house did not return fire, according to Himilo party’s statement today.

This comes as Himilo party said the government troops have been deployed to Sharif’s house, while the Ministry of Security has denied this.

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