President Farmajo and PM Kheyre no show at the commemoration of the October 14 massacre

Mogadishu(SD)-President Farmajo and Prime Minister Kheyre have been unable to attend the 2nd anniversary of the massacre at Sabobe intersection on 14 October in which hundreds died in the bombing two years ago.

Villa Somalia officials have sited security reasons for the anniversary, according to officials who declined to be named.

After mortar shells hit the Halane camp yesterday, federal authorities stopped plans to speak to thousands of civilians in the public square of Zobe.

Al-Shabaab issued what appears to be a warning to federal authorities after they said they had successfully launched nine missiles at the Halane camp, injuring three workers.

As authorities failed to get to the commemoration, a statue was erected in the center of the intersection with a picture of the President and the Prime Minister donating blood two years ago.

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