President Farmajo: opposition politicians are seeking jobs

Mogadishu(SD)-President of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo who addressed the Somali community in Nairobi said that his government is not doing as well because of angry politicians who are looking for work.

President Farmajo described his government’s achievements as a result of political stability, especially in cooperation with the Prime Minister, as it has long been a a problem faced by governments in the country.

President Farmajo said the main challenges his government faces at the moment are angry politicians, as he puts it, are demanding jobs and are always speaks on the radio and on Facabook.

He said al-Shabaab and the regional administrations who themselves want to act like a central government, with some neighboring countries benefiting from it.

Some Gulf states have also been disrupting the government with the help of some  regional governments and opposition politicians, all of whom are hindering the countrys progress.

The president’s statement comes at a time when the tensions between the central government and the National Party Forum led by former Somali Presidents Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and Sharif Sheikh Ahmed have been it’s highest.

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