Somaliland Minister Of Commerce Threatens Fighters in Awdal Region

Borama(SD)-The Somaliland Minister of Trade, Industry and Tourism Mohamed Hassan Sa’ad while in Awdal region spoke to a crowd of people and threatened the newly formed rebel group, Awale.

The minister declared that the peaceful negotiations period is over and it’s time the government to implement it’s force.

“I tell you the truth about a gun won’t solve anything, we have talked to them in everyway, they(rebels) wouldn’t listen to the elders and me, from now on we will act as a nation, and the government has a might and we will use it” he said in part.

The minister implied that there are other forces in play and is maybe behind the descent.

This is the first time the Somaliland government addresses the Awale rebel group, and it’s a threat.

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