President Farmajo’s Silence on the Somaliland issue at the UN, a victory?

NY(SD)-The President of the Federal Government of Somalia Mohamed Farmajo, in his speech this week at the UN, did not present his views on the Somaliland issue facing his government.

The International community have been insisting that the two sides should restart their dialog, and both parties have made comments regarding their commitments.

Somaliland strongly rebuffed Somalia’s plans for reconciliation with Somaliland, siding that Somalia is not serious about the talks.

President Farmajo has yesterday given his first UN speech since he took office and did not address the elephant in the room, the Somaliland issue.

It’s possible that Farmajo was just focusing on issues he thought the International community would be on his side, that it’s self is telling on his governments claim of Somaliland.

Also, this week the federal government of Somalia, has given a million dollars contribution to the federal states of Somalia, and also adopted the National Development plan, and in their admittance both did not include Somaliland.

Which begs the question, did the Federal Government of Somalia give up on it’s assertion that Somaliland is part of the Federal Government? or is there an external factors no one is aware of.

Prior to this, there were feverish escalation on Somalia’s efforts in the international arena to isolate Somaliland.

Could this new found realization be what is needed to kick start a new way of thinking, when it comes to the Greater Somalia ambitions, or does it mean what Somalilanders have been saying since independence, mind your business.

It will be interesting to see if the new Somalia approach will make the talks between the two sides more fruitful, or if Somaliland will see this as a full and final victory.

If things stay the same, it could be precedent setting and future Somalia governments could permanently drop their infatuation with Somaliland.

On the Somaliland side, could this be seen as an opportunity to kick start their quest for full independence, or would they go back to their political slumber?.

We are sure all who are interested will be watching with keen eyes for the foreseeable future.

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  1. Its a reality on the face of that entity in Somalia that it never has the guts to address about Somaliland in a such arena as the UN. He is a laughable thing with thick skin and to have even stand infront of the world with all the miserable reality in Somalia.

    As for Somaliland it just has to actualise its reality and demand its undeniable post and at the world stage. Somaliland must act quick, assess and realise all available machanism to conclude the long agony it had long subjected to itself.

    • Farmaajo just photographed himself with convicted torturer, Yusuf Abdi Ali, Col. Tuke!! @ new Somali office in Washington, DC. Nabad iyo nolol, my foot. Hypocrisy. Look whether he mentions Somaliland or not, the reality on the ground is, Somaliland is gone. The union is defunct and there is no coming. Best we get on to find ways to be good neighbours.

  2. DR Adna Adam’s the chief diplomat designate for the Somaliland quest for full re-recognition on the UNs HQs forum and all across the progressive western nations.
    EX british Somaliland protectorate who gained full independence in the early 1960s from HMG UK and then voluntarily opted to join the Italian administered Somalia under the spirit of greater 5star somaliland which failed causing miserable losses in beyond repair levels of both human and assets for both Somaliland-Somalia. Both nations are now independent of each other since 1991-2019 and the current political stance for Somalilandtoday vs Somaliatoday are no longer hidden from the international community.
    Therefore the time has come for Somaliland gaining it’s full re-recognition. The international community must act now to do the undeniable legitimate privy rights that the Somaliland has been deservingly seeking since 1991 to currently.

  3. The Somalia-Somaliland issue has taken a new turn since the maritime border conflict between Kenya and Somalia emerged. Kenya has recently announced the opening of a diplomatic office in Hargeisa .What ever that office’s status may be, it is not, from the Kenyan perspective a matter of principle or a mutual political interest between Somaliland and Kenya but apparently a card it is using to simply pressure Somalia to make it accept negotiating and settling matter out of the International court of justice. If the Somali government’s stand softens somehow, there will be no office and no future relations with Somaliland. Kenya will prefer to grab as much land and sea portions as she could from Somalia rather than establishing diplomatic relations with distant Somalialand.

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