Somalia prepares to take advantage of its oil resources

Addis Ababa(SD)-Conference to high light the Somalia’s  oil resources organized by the Ministry of Minerals and Petroleum of Somalia concluded in  Addis Ababa.

The conference was attended by all regional governments and oil experts from Norway, with a focus on preparedness for Somali resources and especially oil.

Deputy Minister for Minerals and Petroleum of Somalia Mohamud Abdulkadir Hilal told the BBC that the conference was effective and important to understand and prepare for the process and the nature of its production.

“We have discussed the most modern way of managing oil once we extract it, and all of Somalia is on board” said Hilal.

Mohamud Abdikadir also said we are putting protective measures that oil production will not pose a threat to both humans and the environment.

The Federal Government of Somalia has commissioned Spectrum for oil exploration data.

Last February in London was held a conference that discussed  Somalia’s resources and was attended by Minister of minerals and petroleum of Somalia.

But some opposition politicians described the conference in London as “an auction” of Somalia’s resources.

The Somali government denied the news and said the London conference was to present information on oil exploration in Somalia.

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