President Ware: We hold the Airline that flew the former presidents to Beledweyne accountable

Beledweyne(SD)-The president of Hiran region Mohamed Abdi Ware said that they are holding accountable the airline who flew the delegation led by former Somali presidents who arrived in Beledweyne today.

Ware said last night he was briefed about the trip of the former presidents, but parts of the airport were under water so the planes were difficult to land.

He also said that the agencies , such as the UN and AMISOM, had informed him that planes could not land at this time.

President Ware made a special accusation against the pilot who, according to him, took the decision to travel with the delegation to Beledweyne,  insisting that he could land at the airport.

Finally, he ruled that the delegation of former presidents had not been refused to leave for Beledweyne, adding that the challenge at the airport was difficult to land on a cargo plane.

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