Press. release:Galmudug Reconciliation Conference

Dhusamareb(SD)-A three-page communiqué is issued from the Galmudug Reconciliation Conference held in Dhusamareb in Galgadud region in the last few days.

Galmudug Reconciliation Conference concluded in Dhusamareb last night with the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo.

Here are the main points of the Declaration of the Conference:

1 The conference calls on the Galmudug community to end all violence so that there can be a harmonious society.

2 The conference calls for immediate removal of all terror groups in the region.

3 The Government to implement the rest of its commitments to peace and reconstruction in Galmudugg areas.

4 To review the process established in the Galmudug regional government in 2015. Correct what went wrong.

5 Immediate action by the federal government of Somalia and its international partners to rebuild the infrastructure in Galmudug such as the Hobyo port, roads, airports and public service areas.

6 Immediately establish a technical committee for the formation of the Galmudug state.

The conference ended with a government-led peace process, but it did not appear to reach the desired outcome.

Presidential candidates in Galmudug appear to be in the opposition of the federal government.

That is why Prime Minister Kheyre is not present at Dhusamareb conference.

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