Protest against Puntland speaker breaks out in Sanag Region

Midigale (SD) – Puntland’s second deputy police commander, Brigadier General Aided Ahmed Nur and three other soldiers, were injured during clashes this morning in the Midigale area of Sanaag region.

Witnesses told the local media, violence started after angry protests erupted against parliamentary delegation led by Speaker Abdirashid Jibril Yusuf arrived in Midigale, the speaker was on his way to Badhan district.

Three students who were part of the demonstrations were also reportedly injured in the shooting, although no comprehensive information has yet been released.

The protesters, apparently, were armed, prompting the troops who accompanied the delegation to respond by firing.

An ousted Puntland parliament speaker Mr. Dhobo-Dired is from Badhan, his supporters have been engaged in anti-Puntland protests ever since his removal from Parliament.

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