Puntland and Somali Regional Government to co-operate on security and economic development

Wardher (SD) – A delegation from the Puntland State of Somalia recently received an invitation from the Somali Regional Government, specifically Dollo province. 

 A Puntland delegation consisted of ministers, MPs and officials of the Puntland Ministry of Security, including the interior minister, the minister of planning, the Governor of Ayn, received a formal invitation from the Somali Local Government and reached the Wardher on 13 January 2020, and began their first meeting with the Delegation of the State (DDS) led by the Governor of Dollo County. 

Significant conferences on Security and Economic Affairs opened on Ward 14, January 2020, and lasted 14, to 16. 

On the Somali Ethiopian State side, Somali government officials at the Federal Government and local level attended the conference. 

Discussions revolved around on having more cooperation, and trade and on strengthening relations, co-operation on security, stop the use of illegal weapons, and narcotics trafficking. 

There are also meetings scheduled to take place in the near future between the two States

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