Puntland denies claims that defected troops joined Somaliland

Boame (SD) – The Puntland administration has denied the recent claims that some of their troops defected to join Somaliland forces in Las Anod, Somaliland.

The Minister of Civil Aviation and Airports, Hussein Osman Gabiley, and military officials who spoke to the media in the town of Boame in Sool region said the information was false.

Mr. Gabiley said Somaliland had taken unemployed young men from Boame area and were given military uniforms and then presented in Las Anod as defected troops.

Puntland and Somaliland, who are mired in cross border conflict, both have a defection issues with their troops in Sool.

However, in the last few days the number of troops defecting from Puntland has increased, and there have been some officials and their forces joining Somaliland, after they reportedly refused to go through the ongoing military reform process.

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