Puntland Election Commission meets EU Ambassador

Garowe(SD)-EU Ambassador to Somalia Nicolas Berlanga Martinez today met with the new Puntland Electoral Commission in Garowe.

The EU Ambassador to Somalia, on his first meeting with the Puntland Electoral Commission, listened to a report on their plans for the multi-party elections in Puntland.

Committee spokesman Abdinur Sheikh Mohamed Isaak, who briefed the media after the meeting, said the committee had presented the ambassador their plan even though they have recently taken over.

He also said that the chairman of the committee Guled Salah Barre informed the ambassador about the activities of the new Puntland electoral commission and their commitment on implementing the multi-party elections in Puntland.

The spokeswoman, on the other hand, said that the EU ambassador was very pleased with the committee’s report and pledged that the EU would provide full support to Puntland’s electoral commission in order to  fulfill their mission.

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