Somaliland Community in Toronto condemns detention of Hadhwanaag News journalist

Toronto(SD)-prominent Somalilanders living in the city of Toronto, Canada have criticized  media censorship in Somaliland, especially the Hadhwanaag News blockage.

The Somaliland Diaspora in Toronto has appealed to the government of President Bihi to stop muzzling the free Media, and to free the arrested Hadhwanaag Journalist.

Somaliland has used the Rapid Response Unit (RRU) to arrest Hadhwanaag website’s editor in chief Mr. Abdiqani Ahmed Abdullahi(Aspro), and it’s director Abdirizak Goud  without due process.

The Somaliland diaspora in  Toronto reminded President Bihi the reason the RRU was created and that it wasn’t to arrest innocent journalists,  the Torontonians spoke to the country’s past and said there was no reason to go back to the dictatorship era.

The Somaliland Community members in Toronto directly addressed the Somaliland Central Bank Governor a fellow Torontonian, Ali Ibrahim Baghdadi to show restraint and to go through the courts, if he is innocent.  

Finally, the Somaliland community in Toronto requested that all manners of grieve should go through the courts and that no one is above the law.

Somaliland has been experiencing a spike in arresting journalist without due process ever since the new Kulmiye Party took power in November 2017.

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