Puntland establishes new administration in Dhahar district

Dhahar(SD)-The Puntland Ministry of Interior has announced that it has finalized the creation of the Dhahar District Council in Haylan province.

The list of new MPs of Dhahar District Council selected by the Traditional Elders was announced yesterday by the ministry, and the MP’s elected a new chairman and deputy chairman.

The 27-member council elected Abdifatah Mohamed Salad as chairman, after receiving 14 votes, defeating the runner up Dahir Mohamed Mohamud by one vote.

Also, the deputy chairman of Dhahar district, Mohamed Muse Abdirahman, was elected and the new administration was formed in Dhahar district in the central province of Haylan.

This is yet another former Somaliland district turning to Puntland for administration, due to the incompetency of the current Somaliland leadership.

Somaliland public is almost giving up on the current political parties to address their needs, while others turned to violence or Puntland for sollutions.

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