Puntland parliament rejects a request to remove MP Awil Daad

Garowe(SD)-Members of Puntland House of the Representatives refused to endorse on Saturday, a letter from the Puntland deputy Attorney General asking Parliament to take the immunity of MP Hassan Daad, to face charges related to a questions he asked the president at the opening of Parliament.

Members of the House of Representatives, before voting heard a report from the Puntland Parliament’s Law and Justice Committee sent to recommend the letter of the Prosecution.

Chairman of the Parliamentary Legal and Judicial Committee; Saadiq Abshir Garaad, who read the report to the MP’s, said that the question parliamentarian Awil Hassan Daad asked President Deni is clearly in line with the Puntland constitution and the rules of the House of Representatives.

Mr. Saadq also said that the request from the Puntland attorney’s office to Parliament should be waived, the notion that MP Awil Daad to face criminal charges is a complete violation of the Puntland Constitution.

After the Committee’s report, 41 MPs who attended the session voted on the Prosecutor’s request, and unanimously rejected the request, after 39 MPs voted “no”.

Parliamentarian Awil Hassan Daad thanked the members of Parliament and reiterated that the question he asked of the president was correct, in accordance with the laws and constitution of Puntland.

The Puntland government is yet to comment this defeat at parliament, as this is a step forward for Puntland MP’ and frankly all Somali speaking members.

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